Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Beautiful Places To Visit In Pondicherry


The stone streets of Puducherry, the blue water, and the natural beauty found in abundance will surprise you. There is a whole range of interesting places to visit, including ancient temples and churches, Auroville, many museums, religious centers, and some beautiful beaches. People from all over the world come to the Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville for spiritualism. Puducherry is the best place for anyone to roam alone. Here we are telling you about some of the best places to visit in Pondicherry.


Auroville is an experimental township spread over an area of ​​20 square kilometers. This place teaches the style of long-term living with community living. People of all nationalities of the world are welcome to experience spiritual, universal, and cash free lifestyles here. You can go here to get a different experience. 

Auroville Beach:

Located in the neighboring village of Auroville, Auroville Beach is the best place for quiet introspection. The 30-minute drive from Puducherry is as peaceful as you might think on the beach. There is no restaurant, shop, change room, or parking space, but here you will definitely see the amazing sunset and sunrise view with clear blue water. 

Serenity Beach:

Serenity beach, located 10 km from Puducherry, is the best place to enjoy the sun, sand, and waves. The beautiful beach is surrounded by white sand and palm trees all around it is the main center of water surfing. Due to the surf break, it attracts both novices and professionals.

Promenade Beach:

Made of rocky ridges in the middle of Puducherry, this beach is better for a walk. It is located close to Gobert Avenue and is included in the historic landmark of the city, with many colonial colonies on its banks. The best way to see this is to walk 1.5 km on this road. 

Ousteri Wetland:

Ousteri Wetland has located 10 km from the city center and the area is one of the least popular places. An interesting place for nature lovers, this Wetland has an attractive variety of marine life along with a Bird Century. Keep a telescope with you to see the birds, many migratory birds can also be seen here, including the golden oriel, painted stork, owl. 

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple:

This ancient Hindu temple is present here before the French rule. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesha and is widely revered. The 7.5 kg gold layer chariot is the main attraction here, a large number of people come from the surrounding area to see the annual exhibition on Dussehra. 

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